Because you need every advantage you can get

Rising drug costs are overwhelming. As drug prices continue to make headlines, it can seem impossible to find aggressive solutions to both control costs and keep employees healthy.

Of course, what you also want is the ability to control those strategies. So Blue Cross and Prime built a complete package of solutions, flexible to fit, and aggressive where it matters most.

What you want is an advantage. Now you’ve got Employer Advantage™.

Multiple products, one result: control.

Employer Advantage is all our best products, together, that drive down the total cost of care for self-insured employers. This is a complete and flexible benefit solution, you control which parts to implement. Employer Advantage is innovative — giving you two approaches: benefit design solutions and specific condition-focused strategies.

Benefit design solutions with Total Cost Control

This comprehensive suite of benefit design recommendations helps employers vigorously drive down the total cost of care starting with savings of up to 15 percent on the pharmacy benefit.*

You have the control to choose any or all:

  • Limited/preferred pharmacy networks (savings of up to $1.96 PMPM)
  • Low net cost approach to formulary and utilization management (savings of up to $6.00 PMPM)
  • 5+ tier benefit design with 2-tier generics (Prime representative can model your potential savings)
  • Exclusive Prime Therapeutics Specialty Pharmacy™ (savings of up to $1.08 PMPM)

Condition-focused strategies with Best in Care™

Blue + Prime integration helps us take a condition-specific approach to drug management. These strategies target high-cost chronic conditions to help improve health outcomes and control costs. Current programs target high cholesterol and hepatitis C, with more in development.

Employer Advantage gives you choice and control into the aggressive strategies that help lower costs.

If you want to know more about Employer Advantage, call your representative.

*Disclaimer: Savings are not guaranteed. Estimates are based on groups who have not already implemented these strategies. Your actual savings will vary.

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