Are you stuck in a relationship for the wrong reasons?

I know. I’ve heard it all. “We’ve been together so long,” or “I think things will change, I really do.” 

Leaving your current pharmacy benefit manager is the first step in moving on. The first step toward getting what you — and your employees — deserve. And, no, leaving is never easy. But starting a new relationship with Prime Therapeutics is. 

Implementation: designed for superior experiences 
Prime Therapeutics (Prime), together with our Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Blue) Plan owners and clients, knows your expectations are high. It’s why our implementation process paves the way for a smooth transition for you and your employees — with limited disruption and increased satisfaction.

With Prime and Blue Plans, your benefits are integrated, so we can approach implementation differently. I actually prefer to call implementation “integrations.” We don’t just bolt a pharmacy benefit to a plan — we’re integrating benefits for a comprehensive (and simple) experience. 

This connection brings everyone to the table – you, your Blue Plan and Prime.

  • Lines of communication are already open and functioning
  • Eligibility is one feed
  • Contacts from both the medical side and pharmacy side are connected

Implementation should feel like a love story, not a white paper 
We create an implementation that goes beyond expectations, resulting in simplicity and satisfaction for all stakeholders. We limit disruption to your employees by breaking implementation down into four stages:

  1. Work with you to define the process and set expectations for all stakeholders.
  2. Assign an implementation team and designate a key contact who’s there to help every step of the way. 
  3. Develop a communications plan and employee messaging that tells employees about the change and outlines their next steps.
  4. Drive execution and results by setting up the implementation framework, analyzing data, and testing throughout the process. 

The romance doesn’t end after the honeymoon 
Prime provides continued support after a successful transition. After implementation, we are there for you and your employees. Our commitment to service shows. Together, we’ve ranked highest overall in satisfaction and likelihood to recommend, two years in a row.1 With Prime and Blue Plans, you’ll receive the support you need, the data you can trust, and an implementation experience that’s worry-free for you and your employees.

We may not send you flowers. But we’re really good listeners. We pay attention to the details and we keep our promises. 

That’s a relationship you can commit to. 

Kevin Krakowski
Vice President and General Manager – Employer Market

1 2014 Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute Employer Group Satisfaction survey.

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