Does your formulary work hard enough?

Now it can. Net Results™ represents a big step forward. We went beyond a standard formulary model. NetResults is an advanced formulary designed to make a greater impact on savings. It’s the result of innovative thinking you won’t find with any other pharmacy benefit manager (PBM).

Net Results offers both drug and category level exclusions. It differentiates between preferred and non-preferred generics. It’s a more complete cost management approach — with savings of up to $6 PMPM.1

Leading the way

Some pharmacy benefit managers wave rebate and discount flags to lure plans into using their standard formularies. And rebates work — which is why Prime offers competitive rebates. But having an aggressive, effective drug list overall helps lower costs even more. More than rebates alone. 

And, this approach can lower costs while helping members get the medicine they need.

Delivers savings up to $6 per member per month (PMPM)

Net Results is also part of Prime‘s Employer Advantage™ package of aggressive cost solutions. This is part of how we help you market superior cost control capabilities to your self-insured employer groups.

Four ways NetResults formulary gets results for you

Net Results formularies have four key components to increase savings and lower total cost of care:

1. Managing non-preferred drugs. Net Results includes preferred drug alternatives. This helps achieve competitive benchmarking. (Other formularies don’t include preferred drugs.)

2. Excluding non-essential drugs like route of administration kits, institutional packs and non-FDA approved drugs.

3. Promoting over-the-counter alternatives. Many prescription drugs have therapeutic alternatives members can purchase over the counter. This can help reduce pharmacy costs. Examples include: H2 receptor antagonists, proton pump inhibitors and nasal steroids.

4. Managing high-cost brand and generic drugs. This helps you steer clear of the effect of major price increases from pharmaceutical companies. 

Integration gives us the edge

Prime is uniquely connected to your Blue Cross Plan. Together, we review medical and pharmacy data to create more effective solutions — and more ways to lower total cost of care. Net Results balances drug exclusions and significant rebates. That makes it a big win.

For more information on Net Results, contact your Prime representative.

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1. Savings are not guaranteed. Estimates are based on groups who have not already implemented a portion of these strategies. Actual savings will vary.

Employer Advantage is a trademark of Prime Therapeutics LLC.

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