Employee choice: New email capability delivers on preferred way of communicating

Starting this month, your employees who use PrimeMail® will get emails inviting them to tell us how they want to get their pharmacy information. With this new capability, PrimeMail users can choose email, phone or text options, as well as the option to get updates in Spanish or English.* Other branded email enhancements beginning this month include:

  • Refill reminders
  • Order received notices
  • Order shipped notices

Do you have employees that might want to update their communication preferences? They can update their preferences online any time. They can get to the preference center in three easy clicks:

  • Log in to MyPrime.com
  • Click on “Manage my account”
  • Click on “Communication preferences” and select their choices

Prime and your Blue Cross plan continue to do all we can to provide every member with a great experience. These new communication channel capabilities are another example of our member experience commitment.

* Email and phone options are available now. Text and Spanish are coming soon. Preferences will be honored when possible. However, not all communications can be sent in the preferences selected. In some cases we will default to another type of alert and in English only.

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