Filling the trophy case. And the medicine cabinet.

99.999 percent dispensing accuracy1. 9.5 million prescriptions shipped annually1. 5.5 Sigma quality standards1. Accolades and awards for the highest in customer service. Five Star ratings across all adherence measures2. Doing what we do is hard. But PrimeMail makes it look easy. 

Members tell us, “…I appreciate the extra effort…”1 and, “You do everything I need and more. Thank you.” 1 Because at the end of the day, while all the hardware and numbers are nice, it’s the people we serve, and our purpose in doing so, that keeps our engines revving. 

We know that the medicine we ship to our members is critical. And not just to their everyday health. It’s critical to their way of life. Getting the right medicine, at the right time, might mean a member will make it to their grandson’s baseball game because their joint pain has subsided. Or they’ll be able to have that piece of birthday cake because they got their 90-day supply of diabetes medication when they were supposed to. 

“…speedy, helpful, and friendly…” 1

“…PrimeMail is amazing!”

PrimeMail’s long history of member – and employer – satisfaction doesn’t just happen. It takes dedication. A PrimeMail rep is available 24/7. That means people – yes, PEOPLE – will answer a call at 3:00 am to help ensure everything’s alright. 

Maybe that’s another reason employers rank Prime number one in mail order pharmacies versus the competition3. Or maybe it’s because we process and ship their employee’s orders in 0.4 business days3. No, that’s not a typo. Less than half a day. It could also be that because of our quick turnaround, and superior service, members are healthier and therefore potentially missing fewer days of work…

We pour ourselves into the lives of our members, evident in our customer service recognition. And yes, we get to spend a little time basking in the rays of success.  But filling up the trophy case isn’t our goal. It never has been. We’re proud of the accolades and the industry leading numbers. But we’re reminded it isn’t about US every time we hear the same two words over again from our partners and their members: “Thank you.” 

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