Help the medicine go down, in the most delightful way

Has there ever been a pleasant follow-up to, “It’s time for a taste of your own medicine.”? It’s probably rare someone scoops up a big piece of cheesecake, or hands you a $100 bill after those cringe-worthy words are uttered. But, shouldn’t the medicine taste good, at least metaphorically speaking? 

Consider only half of people in the United States take their drugs as prescribed1. For lots of different reasons. Regardless of why the medicine isn’t being taken, there can be serious consequences. Hospitalization, more disease and even death. So, even though someone might not “feel sick” or any different than they usually do, the alternative to not taking that pill or slurping down that spoonful of purple stuff can be worse. 

Prime’s Adherence MattersTM solution aims to keep people from finding out. Targeting costly, chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, Adherence Matters is bursting with options that can be tailored to unique employee populations. 

  • Clinical programs: Outreach to medical professionals and targeted communication to get people taking their medicine
  • Access to 90-day supplies: Convenient access to extended supplies of long-term medicine
  • Prime Therapeutics Specialty PharmacyTM: High-touch service, affordable solutions and care management
  • Benefit designs promoting low-cost options: Affordable medicine to help encourage people to take their medicine

Not only can Prime’s Adherence Matters solution keep members on the road to a healthier lifestyle, it can help keep employers’ bottom line off life support. Considering the affect of nonadherence on the cost of health care – one study found it cost the United States health care system $105 billion in avoidable expenses2 – it just makes sense.  

For employers, higher costs aren’t the only concern. Not taking medicine as prescribed can result in absenteeism, lower productivity and employee turnover. Adherence Matters helps foster employee adherence, leading to healthier employees, increased productivity and a lower overall cost of care. 

Really, having a “taste of your own medicine” is a good thing. 

Talk to your representative today to learn more.


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2. IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics. (2013). Avoidable costs in U.S. healthcare: The $200 billion opportunity from using medicines more responsibly.

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