Please pardon the noise while we renovate this industry.

Prime Therapeutics (Prime) is the driving force of a new alliance between the players who, together, have the power to help lower costs and improve outcomes: 

  1. The health plan
  2. The pharmacy
  3. The pharmacy benefit manager (PBM)

We have now aligned with Walgreens. This powerful connection offers a completely new perspective to pharmacy benefit management. One never seen before. 

It brings the whole system together. 

And it changes everything. 

A new perspective — born from our long-standing connected approach
As more industry stakeholders examine rising health care costs, our purpose and connected approach have gotten a lot of attention. We’ve watched our entire industry experience major changes, challenges and consolidations during the past 10 years.   

Lots of changes, but few improvements. 

Prime’s approach has always been big-picture thinking — spanning the medical-pharmacy divide to find answers in the data, not the stock market. Instead of swaying to meet industry trends, we’ve always been driven to improve the industry itself. 

The result? Results. 
We see all the challenges. And we’ve taken action — direct action. The scale of this new alliance has the power to achieve the health care “triple aim:"

  1. Enhance member experiences
  2. Improve health outcomes
  3. Reduce costs

By bringing it all together, we’re putting the Prime purpose into practice — helping people get the medicine they need to feel better and live well.    
Creating value: walking the walk
“With costs rising at unsustainable rates, we must take strong and decisive action to make health care more affordable,” said Jim DuCharme, CEO and president of Prime. 

“The prescription drug needs of consumers are often changing, and this unique collaboration will help us deliver value, care and service to our patients and the communities we serve,” said Alex Gourlay, co-chief operating officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. “We look forward to providing a differentiated and patient-led pharmacy experience to more Prime members.”

This strategic relationship only makes us a better fit
Visit today to find out how you can be part of this industry renovation. 

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