Preparing for Peak Season

The 2016 Peak Season is still months away, but preparation is well underway at Prime Therapeutics (Prime). It takes months of hard work to ensure a smooth season. Preparation begins in June, long before Peak Season arrives. Prime is already making plans and holding weekly core team meetings to help make sure everyone is informed and aligned.

Last year, clients rated Peak Season satisfaction at 86 percent.1 We listened to your feedback. We’re using it to fuel an even more successful upcoming season. In 2016, expect even better reporting from Prime from both an enterprise level and segment-specific level.

Also in 2015, we heard you ask for things like:

  • “Client-specific data and dashboards”
  • “Faster, more automated reports”
  • “More detail only on the ‘issues’ for each client”

We’re working to automate our reporting and also provide client-specific dashboards with more detail to keep you even more informed.

 “I have a sense of confidence that Prime is monitoring the areas that matter for me as a client.”
–A Prime client on the 2015 Peak Season

Benefit submission deadlines

To make sure things happen in a timely manner, Prime needs to implement client pharmacy benefit changes on this schedule:  

  • 10/2/15:  Commercial new and revised utilization management (UM) program changes deadline
  • 10/17/15: HIM benefit plan submissions deadline
  • 11/1/15:   Non-standard benefit plan submissions changes deadline
  • 12/15/15:  Standard benefit plan submissions changes deadline

This schedule does not include government programs (GP). GP has an established communications structure and benefit calendar that has been rolled out to GP clients.

Client Engagement Services will be sending regular Peak Season dashboards. Sign up to receive those emails here. See the PowerPoint deck used at the recent client webinar here. If you have questions about submission deadlines or about Peak Season in general, please contact your client engagement representative.

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  1. Prime internal survey 2014.
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