Prime can help support members with chronic conditions

In America, you’re nearly as likely to have a chronic condition as you are to own your own home.[1] More than 50 percent of Americans are living with a chronic illness.[2] And these conditions aren’t only incredibly common, they’re incredibly expensive. Treating people living with chronic conditions accounts for 86 percent of health care costs in the United States.[3]

The costs are massive, but so are the opportunities. Half of the people with chronic conditions don’t take their medicine as prescribed..[4] We can help your members make smart medicine choices, driving better adherence, better outcomes and lower costs.

90-day supplies drive adherence.

When compared with traditional 30-day supplies of medicine, 90-day supplies can boost adherence by 7 to 10 percent.[4] Prime makes it easier for members to get their long-term medicines three convenient ways:

  • PrimeMail®, the home delivery pharmacy service, delivers medicines conveniently to a U.S. address of choice
  • Our extended supply network (ESN) offers access to thousands of retail pharmacies

Actionable clinical intelligence closes care gaps.

GuidedHealth® can help close gaps in care and save up to $1 per member per month.[5] The program works by analyzing pharmacy and medical data (when available), identifying drug therapy opportunities, and then sharing this information with doctors and/or members. Our unique connections with Blue Plans created a better, integrated solution by offering a larger volume of medical claims to analyze and more available programs because of this integrated data.

Are you missing out on opportunities to support members with chronic conditions? Interested in savings impact and modeling? Call your Prime representative.

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