Prime is committed to a superior client experience for you

Serving our clients and members is Prime’s top priority. It’s why we exist. Giving you and your members the best possible experience is a key part of this. To make sure we’re offering you the service and solutions you need, we continuously gauge how we’re doing. We do this through regular surveys.

At Prime, delivering a superior experience means ranking highly in four key aspects of service: effectiveness, ease, client emotion and value. We recently surveyed clients in regard to each of these areas. The results proved that our efforts have been paying off — 8 in 10 clients responded that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the services Prime provides. Year over year, we improved by 5 percentage points for commercial clients and 25 points for our government programs clients. Senior Vice President Scott Fries presented the high level results of the survey to government programs clients at the Government Program Symposium in June. 

Eight in 10 clients say they’re satisfied or very satisfied with Prime.

Our recent client survey results also acknowledged:

  • Our teams’ knowledge about the PBM industry, internal collaboration and responsiveness to requests
  • Our efforts to improve reporting and communications, particularly regarding market insights and Peak Season preparedness
  • High satisfaction of government programs clients in regard to improvements made by the clinical review and coverage determination teams

We are proud of these survey results, but our work is far from done. We will continue to build stronger partnerships, and improve our products and processes. As always, we continue to support you, our clients, so we can deliver on our purpose: helping people get the medicine they need to feel better and live well.

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