Prime was built to save you money. Not waste it.

Blue Cross and Prime don't answer to Wall Street. Instead, Blue Cross and Prime put our health plans and your employees first. Prime was created by Blue Plans to serve Blue Plans. Everything Prime does has its roots in this — that unique connection. Prime's DNA drives a member focus. And that mission means we care — passionately — about who gets what drug.

When it comes to managing high-cost drugs, Blue Cross and Prime help lower the overall cost of care by helping keep people healthy. This is great for everyone involved — you and your employees.

It’s why we call it Cholesterol Best in Care™.  It’s our solution for managing your employees with high cholesterol. And we believe it’s the best one you’ll find.  

How Cholesterol Best in Care works for you.

Yes, Prime has a similar set of capabilities and programs to other PBMs. What makes Prime different is its approach to pharmacy benefit management. We can break it down to these three simple and true things: right drug, right member, right cost.

It sounds simple. But if saving money really were simple, we wouldn’t need programs designed at this level of expertise. For example…

Cholesterol Best in Care

  • Right drug: Before jumping to PCSK9 inhibitors as the “magic bullet,” Prime's analysis showed that 80 percent of people with established cardiovascular disease significantly underuse statins.1 The answer is optimizing adherence to statins, not a new drug.
  • Right member: There are no shortcuts in a long-term strategy. The first step is a thorough review of claims histories for members requesting PCSK9 inhibitors. Optimizing the use of statins before adding PCSK9 inhibitors is, quite simply, the right thing to do.
  • Right cost: Complex pricing for PCSK9 inhibitors should not be a distraction. With Blue Cross and Prime, you get a clearer view into what you pay for specialty drugs.

Blue Cross and Prime’s Cholesterol Best in Care drug management program is thorough, starting with the big picture. We continue to put people first — driving down the total cost of care through clinical solutions.


1 Internal Prime study.

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