Service: We walk the walk

Health care isn’t an easy business. Not if you want to do it right. 

Over the years, Prime Therapeutics (Prime) has simplified our approach. Call it “focusing our focus.” All of our actions and decisions are driven by a single purpose: To help people get the medicine they need to feel better and live well. This answers what we do, and why. 

But what about how? The answer is service. Being of service and creating satisfaction. 

The how behind the how: our connected approach
Prime, together with our Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Blue) Plan owners and clients, align your medical and pharmacy benefits. This helps us deliver a simpler solution for you and your employees. And, in this business, simplicity is a welcomed benefit. 

This connected approach works: we’ve ranked highest in overall employer satisfaction and likelihood to recommend, two years in a row.1 

We work hard to serve your employees, too 
Prime goes above and beyond to make health care easier to use and easier to understand. Our home delivery and specialty services lead the industry in satisfaction. 

Both PrimeMail® and Prime Therapeutics Specialty Pharmacy™ help your employees get medicines delivered when they need it. And both make sure your employees can get personalized service and support.


  • Over 8 in 10 members are satisfied/very satisfied with their recent experience2

Prime Therapeutics Specialty Pharmacy

  • 17 percentage points higher than competitors for “very satisfied” members.2
  • 97 percent of members are satisfied/very satisfied with customer care coordinators.3
  • Overall member satisfaction with us has stayed over 91 percent for the past eight quarters.3

The Service Quality Measurement Group (SQM) recognizes Prime.
Everyone at Prime is proud to have been awarded the Contact Center Service Quality Excellence Award, for both Health Care Industry and Pharmacy Customer Service. In addition to these top honors, we were ranked #1 for six key categories in customer service.4

We have lots of numbers. Lots of awards and recognition. And, sometimes, it’s easy to forget where they all come from — superior service. 

We don’t just say we provide this level of service. We do it. Every day. Thanks to everyone who makes it possible — clients, team members and members. Prime is a special place. If you’re reading this, you’re one of the people that makes it so.  

So let me close by saying thank you. 

Kevin Krakowski
Vice President and General Manager – Employer Market

1 2014 Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute Employer Group Satisfaction survey.
2 PrimeMail and Prime Specialty Pharmacy member satisfaction survey (3Q2014).
3 Prime Therapeutics Specialty Pharmacy member satisfactions study (2015).
4 Contact Center Service Quality Excellence Awards Program. SQM (2016). 

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