Seven ways Prime Specialty Pharmacy makes the journey easier

If you think all specialty pharmacies are the same, talk to a plan or a member that’s taken that journey. You’ll see the difference.

Many specialty pharmacies may look the same. Until you look under the hood. Until you’ve seen how smooth the ride is. That’s where you’ll see what sets us apart, and how those differences make us better.

At Prime Therapeutics Specialty Pharmacy™ (Prime Specialty Pharmacy), the difference is in the details. We go above and beyond other specialty pharmacies for two important reasons:

  1. We should
  2. We can

We should, because our purpose is to help people get the medicine they need to feel better and live well. For members with chronic and even life-threatening conditions, it’s our responsibility to step up to deliver on this purpose.

We can, because we were built to serve, and it shows. You can see the difference in how we fill each specialty prescription through our highly coordinated and comprehensive process.

We connect the steps so that members get the support they need:

  1. Intake — We can process a million prescriptions, but we treat each like it’s one in a million. Prime Specialty Pharmacy works directly with doctors to promote ePrescribe and electronic prior authorization. This helps members get their medicine faster. We help ease administrative burdens with a single point of contact for doctors.
  2. Onboarding — First impressions count. An assembly line is no place for a new or newly diagnosed member. Members receive a new welcome packet with their first prescription. We conduct proactive outreach to members starting each new benefit year. This is just one of the reasons our member satisfaction ratings are consistently above 95 percent.1
  3. Pharmacists Our pharmacists are on the front line. At every fill and refill, our pharmacists check for accuracy and quality. We verify weight-based dosing, we perform ICD-10 to National Drug Code (NDC) checks. We go above and beyond to help encourage safe and effective use of medicines. Prime Specialty Pharmacy has a 3:1 pharmacy technician to pharmacist ratio. Even our floor plan is designed to encourage collaboration and coordination of care.
  4. Care management — Medicine is just medicine without end-to-end care management. We provide an integrated approach through therapy-focused teams of pharmacists, nurses, member service specialists and insurance specialists.
  5. Coupons and patient assistance — We provide member education and support on manufacturer coupon and patient assistance programs, based on health plan goals and members’ financial needs.
  6. Infusion care — Our infusion nurses and specialists understand benefit plans. We identify pharmacies and infusion centers where specialty members can maximize savings. 
  7. Fulfillment — It’s so much more than getting orders out the door. Prime Specialty Pharmacy, to achieve order fulfillment, tracks and adjusts for weather systems and major events across the country. It’s this level of detail that gives such remarkable results — 99.99 percent accuracy rate with 99.8 percent of prescriptions arriving on the “agreed to ship” date.2

For more information, or to take your trip to visit Prime Specialty Pharmacy, contact your Prime representative. 

1. 1Q14 and 4Q14 Prime Specialty Pharmacy Experience Research

2.  Internal Prime data.

Prime Therapeutics Specialty Pharmacy (Prime Specialty Pharmacy) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Prime Therapeutics LLC. 

Prime Therapeutics Specialty Pharmacy is a trademark of Prime Therapeutics LLC.

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