Stronger together — Blue + Prime: our compelling value

Prime was created out of Blue Plans to serve Blue Plans and their employer clients. Everything Blue Cross and Prime do has roots in integration. Flawless implementation. Robust reporting. Exceptional care management. It’s just easier with Blue Cross and Prime.

We measure our success by your success. We call this our unique connection because no one else has it in their DNA.

Better outcomes

The best outcomes begin with integration — and Prime was built from the ground up by a few Blue Pans seeking a better way. Our integration allows us to connect across the health system to deliver powerful outcomes. For example, in addressing key safety and cost issues, GuidedHealth® monitors for issues and generates member and physician alerts. Averting these issues saves $0.60 to $1.00 per member per month.1

Prime Therapeutics Specialty Pharmacy™ (Prime Specialty Pharmacy) — better care, better results

On average, members using Prime Specialty Pharmacy have significantly higher optimal adherence, creating better savings.

  • Prime Specialty Pharmacy member’s average adherence is also significantly higher than retail: 1.3 points higher for multiple sclerosis members, 2.6 points higher for autoimmune, and 3.8 points higher for oral oncology.3

Lower costs

Publicly traded PBMs turn some of their savings into investor profits. Prime is different. Prime is owned by not-for-profit health plans. This means we do not send our savings to Wall Street. Instead, Prime passes its savings on in the form of lower drug and benefit costs — and we lead the industry in keeping drug costs low:

  • A 2014 study found Prime's net ingredient cost per prescription to be $5.50 less than the competitor average.3
  • Prime's overall generic utilization rate is highly competitive (82.3 percent in 2014) and indicates true savings for members and clients. If your generic utilization rate is still under 80 percent, think about this: Every 1 percent increase in generic use translates to a nearly 3 percent reduction in overall drug costs.4

Unparalleled member experience

Prime’s model helps employers see the whole picture. Because the pharmacy benefit is coordinated with the medical benefit, we are united in our goals. We’ve become an industry leader in helping people get the medicine they need to feel better and live well:

  • Prime is the first PBM to build a customer experience organization to put a spotlight on how we serve our members.
  • Prime Specialty Pharmacy members are VERY satisfied: 96 percent satisfied, according to 2015 1st quarter member survey.5
  • We’ve found a direct connection between member satisfaction and adherence. Members who are satisfied are 2.8 times more likely to be adherent at Prime Specialty Pharmacy.6
  • Prime beats health care industry averages in key member service areas, including first call resolution, member satisfaction, and satisfaction with customer service — Prime’s Call Center is recognized as a world-class certified call center by Service Quality Management Group.

Talk with your Prime representative to learn how the Blue + Prime model can help you. 

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