Help, not hype: the actual role of innovation

Some say that Prime isn’t as innovative as others. And they’re right – if they think innovation is simply putting a high-tech face on an old idea.  

Simply put — innovation is not being splashy. It’s not having 3D holograms at events. It’s not something you can buy, and it’s not something you are just because you say you are. 

At Prime, innovation is a process 
This process leads to new ideas and solutions. They take different forms. Tools, products, strategies — whatever they are, they must answer a need. And do so economically. Otherwise, it’s just more noise. 

We don’t brag about our process because it was made to serve you:

  1. We were built by our Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Blue) Plan owners and clients.
  2. This gives us the ability to think and act like no other PBM.
  3. Since Prime is owned by not-for-profit Blue Plans, we work to deliver savings to clients, not drive up revenue to meet earnings goals. 

Here’s the part we do brag about — we deliver the lowest net prescription cost
The innovation in our approach to pharmacy benefit management can help you plan before high-cost drugs hit the market. And our products and services will lead you to the lowest net prescription cost when they do.

I’m proud to share some of the latest ways our innovative process delivers cost saving ideas:  

Drug cost calculator — more than a number cruncher
OK, the calculator itself is just a number cruncher. But what powers it is Prime’s innovative approach. Our researchers conduct extensive analysis on select disease states and new drug treatments — this analysis drives our drug cost calculator. 

Best in Care™ — right drug, right member, right cost
Best in Care is our drug management program that helps the right people get the right drug. Our approach is thorough, starting with the big picture. With a clear strategy, we deliver savings through clinical solutions instead of driving up profits through high drug volume.

Award-winning strategies — recognized for results
In 2014, high-cost hepatitis C drugs got a lot of attention. But our strategy drove results. Prime received the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute’s 2015 Rx Innovation Award in recognition of our innovative Specialty Drug Watch List. We helped our clients trim hepatitis C costs by 38 percent in 2014.

At Prime, innovation is proven to make a difference where it matters most — in the health of our members and the bottom line of our clients. 

I invite you to share your thoughts here, or reach out to me directly to learn how Prime can help you prepare for tomorrow, today. 

Kevin Krakowski
Vice President and General Manager – Employer Market

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