The Big Three behind the best care

The old adage in business is good, fast, cheap — pick two. 

Yes, health care is a business. But our goal — our reason for being — isn’t hitting a number. It’s helping people to live better and feel well. 

At Prime Therapeutics (Prime), we’ve forged an alliance with Walgreens. It’s a new, transformative model to address the management of pharmacy benefits. Together with our health plan clients, it pulls the whole system together like never before — connecting the health plan all the way to the pharmacy. 

This new alliance can help make the “triple aim” possible: 

1.  Enhance member experiences

  • Innovatively deliver drugs and care, including specialty at retail
  • Actively meet members on their own terms

2.  Improve health outcomes

  • Fully leverage the role of the local pharmacist to improve adherence and health outcomes
  • Help people live well through medication therapy management counseling and wellness visits

3.  Reduce costs

  • Use existing arrangements to provide members with greater discounts
  • Reduce costs through comprehensive fraud, waste and abuse programs
  • Focus on opioid safety, as well as monitor other high-risk, high-cost drugs

We’re changing the game. And no one will have to settle for two out of three. 

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