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Pat Gleason
New research delivers pharmacy benefit management insight

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Peter Wickersham
Combating the allure of copay coupons

Drug discount cards and coupons are marketing tools that have proven effective in changing consumers’ medical product preferences and purchasing habits. While coupons often help make expensive specialty drugs more affordable for members, Prime believes some coupons are deceptive to consumers and may ultimately lead to higher overall health care costs. These coupons are specifically designed to encourage negative behaviors, such as using a brand name drug when a less expensive generic version exists.

As more and more brand name drugs lose patent protection, coupons have become a popular way for drug manufacturers to retain or grow their market share. In recent years drug manufacturers have offered significantly more discount coupons and programs, and more consumers are using them. Our new position paper explains the difference between “good” and “bad” coupons and suggests strategies plan sponsors can use to limit undesirable coupon use. Click here to read Prime's position paper.

David Lassen
Coming Soon: Retail MTM provides a model for the future
Pharmacists are trusted, local advisors, yet their ability to improve care in the retail setting has not been given much attention. Prime worked with OutcomesMTM, an industry leader in medication therapy management services, to develop a Retail Medication Therapy Management (MTM) program that would improve the quality of care for common chronic conditions and provide a model for the future. Check back soon to learn more about this program and its successes.