Connected specialty drug management helps drive bigger savings

Specialty medicines are used by fewer than one percent of our members.[1] But the cost impacts for you and your employer groups are huge. Specialty drugs cost 67 times more than traditional drugs, on average.[2] And within the next ten years, they’re projected to account for 25 percent of all health care costs.[2]

These soaring costs call for a solution that stands apart. It’s critical that employers see the whole picture, and manage spend across the medical and pharmacy benefit. Together, we are uniquely able to help them do just that. And it works. We're aligned by design to manage specialty drugs better.

Connected specialty drug management keeps our goals aligned and focused on the member. Better outcomes. Better savings. Better experiences.

Our solution builds on our unique connections with you, working together to produce better results.[3] Connected specialty drug management consists of three pillars:

  • Medical Spend Solutions identify, analyze and actively manage drug costs, regardless of where care is delivered. These programs help inform and align doctors, pharmacists, members, employers and health plans, so everyone can make the best decisions for improving outcomes and managing medical spend. 
  • Pharmacy Spend Solutions find and focus on big savings opportunities. Through these programs, we thoroughly assess each condition and individual drug. We then design a comprehensive management strategy to help address all aspects of cost and care.
  • Prime Specialty Pharmacy offers a simpler, more affordable way for members facing complex, chronic conditions to get the specialty medicine and care they need. Our experts work with members to provide personalized care and a superior experience.

Watch our video to learn more about Prime’s connected specialty drug management solutions.

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