Introducing: Report on the value of integration

Prime is pleased to introduce, “Enabling better outcomes and lower costs through integration,” a report that highlights the value of our unique connection with Blue Plans.

Prime and its Blue Cross Blue Shield (Blue) Plan owners and clients have proudly practiced integration for more than two decades. In fact, it’s why we exist. But “integration” means different things to different people across the industry. We thought it was time to clearly define what integration is and why it matters. And that’s why we created this report.

The report draws on a study sponsored by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) that found positive outcomes and medical cost savings when pharmacy benefits are carved in with the medical. The BCBSA study findings are presented alongside data demonstrating Prime’s notable success in achieving the industry’s lowest net ingredient costs.

Integration is the foundation for Prime’s purpose. It fuels our efforts to make medicine more affordable, deliver superior experiences and achieve better health outcomes. It is the key to helping people truly feel better and live well.

True integration is never “done;” it is a work of constant evolution – particularly in the area of specialty, where the growing cost and clinical complexity of these medicines is pushing the development of new programs and deeper connections. Through hard work and communication, Prime's integration with Blue Plans is growing stronger every day.

Read our report to learn more. 



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