Prime launches development of GuidedHealth platform


Prime is working with Corticon Technologies to revolutionize prescription drug management. 

Corticon will develop software central to Prime's GuidedHealth clinical platform, an integrated product available later in 2012. The GuidedHealth platform is part of a comprehensive approach to improving health outcomes and reducing the total cost of care. GuidedHealth modules will help physicians, members and health plans identify opportunities for better management of pharmacy utilization, gaps in care, safety and costs, resulting in improved patient outcomes and overall health care costs.

GuidedHealth is unique in that it will leverage both pharmacy and medical data to power a variety of clinical programs. It is also extremely flexible. The platform can operate either on a standalone basis or fully integrated with clients’ existing care management programs. 

Setting a standard for integrated reporting not yet seen in the industry today, Prime will directly link engagements to the achievement of specific health outcomes and total cost of care measures. 

GuidedHealth is currently in development and is expected to launch in early 2012. Phase one will be completed in the first quarter of 2012, with future phases planned for release through 2014 (press release).



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